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GuruOO eye patch is rich in various vitamins and minerals that play a vital role in eye health. It utilizes the principle of skin penetration, making it easier for the eye area to absorb. The patch fits the eye area perfectly, providing 360-degree care.

The Innovative Formula Of GuruOO

GuruOO eye patch uses natural plant extracts to alleviate eye fatigue and discomfort, while also preventing some serious eye diseases. Give you a clear and bright world!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Maintain the overall health of the eyes by exerting anti-inflammatory effects, protecting the surface of the eyes, and maintaining the health of the lacrimal glands and nerve cells


Can indeed reduce eye inflammation and oxidative stress, promoting ocular blood circulation. This natural compound also seems beneficial in lowering intraocular pressure

Astragalus Extract

Is known for its potent bioactive properties. It can help alleviate eye fatigue and slow down ocular aging

Blueberry Extract

Rich in anthocyanins, can improve night vision and reduce the risk of macular degeneration and other retinal diseases

The Most Natural Way To Maintain Eye Health

Experience the revitalizing power of nature with GuruOO Eye Patch, a blend of plant extracts and Omega-3 fatty acids, designed for the optimal health of your eyes. Start your journey towards a brighter, clearer world today.

About Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA and EPA, can be transformed into bioactive substances that inhibit inflammatory responses, and improve the lipid layer of the eye surface, preventing the evaporation of tears. Meanwhile, they neutralize a large number of oxidative by-products - free radicals produced by the activity of light-sensitive cells, preventing macular degeneration

Omega-3 fatty acids also help maintain the health of the lacrimal glands, thus maintaining normal eye pressure and preventing glaucoma and other eye pressure-related diseases

Amazing Result In 4 Weeks

1 week - Alleviates eye fatigue and dryness, restoring comfort to your eyes

2 weeks - Reduce eye pressure significantly, improving symptoms of glaucoma

4 weeks - Enhance your vision, welcoming you to a world that's clearer and brighter

More About GuruOO Eye Patch

What Makes GuruOO So Effective

① Non-Woven Fabric: Is breathable, hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin. It also helps to hold the other components in place while being comfortable to wear

② The Reservoir: Is the core of the GuruOO eye patch. It's where all the beneficial vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids are concentrated. Thanks to our exclusive ultra-micro molecular filtration technology, these vital nutrients are easily absorbed through the skin

③ Non-Stick Film: It protects the skin from any adhesive residue, ensuring the patch can be removed easily without causing discomfort or irritation

Reliable Clinical Trial Data

In the study conducted by the French Eye Health Institute, 5,000 women and men with varying degrees of eye issues participated

97% of the cases reported a noticeable reduction in eye fatigue and a significant improvement in eye comfort

94% of the cases suffering from dry eye syndrome showed a marked decrease in dryness, with symptoms greatly alleviated

91% of the cases, especially those suffering from glaucoma, reported a significant reduction in eye pressure

88% of the cases experienced an enhancement in their vision clarity. Of these, 75% reported a 4 line improvement on the Snellen eye chart

International Certification

GuruOO Eye Patch is a revolution in eye care, with a formulation enriched with omega-3 fatty acids. This innovative blend is protected under WO Patent No. WO2022060999A1 and European Patent No. EP2653312A1, guaranteeing its unique composition and effectiveness in alleviating various eye issues.

Furthermore, GuruOO Eye Patch has received key international certifications including FDA approval, ISO 22000 certification, the European CE Mark and EEA, assuring its quality, safety, and compliance with stringent regulatory standards globally. With the GuruOO Eye Patch, you can trust in a scientifically backed solution for your eye health needs.

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Clean and dry the eye area where the patch will be applied

Apply the patch to the eye area. Gently squeeze air bubbles until smooth

Leave the patch on for 10-15 minutes. After removing, gently massage any remaining esscence into the skin for maximum absorption

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Real Customers

After using these eye patches for a couple of weeks, I no longer have that heavy eye feeling from staring at my computer all day. It really works!

Sophia, 34

Having dealt with dry eyes for the longest time, I've noticed a significant improvement in just one week of using these patches. They're quite impressive!

Laura, 38

I've had concerns about high eye pressure for a while now. Two weeks with these patches and it feels like my eye pressure has dropped. What a relief!

Harper, 33

A month in with these patches and I'm seeing the world clearer than ever. The difference is truly noticeable.

Mia, 36

The effects kicked in sooner than I expected. My vision clarity has noticeably improved. It's incredible how much brighter and sharper the world looks to me now. These patches have now become a nightly routine.

Liam, 38

These patches have been game-changing. Not only do they help relieve my eye fatigue, but my blurry vision has significantly improved as well.

Isabella, 38

I was doubtful at first, but after a month, my vision is undeniably sharper. These patches have become a staple in my daily routine.

Emma, 45

These patches have been a lifesaver after long, tiring days. My eyes feel revived and less strained. So refreshing!

Olivia, 48

Ever since using these patches, the dryness and discomfort in my eyes have disappeared. They've made a huge difference!

Charlotte, 34

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